LPG Cylinder Disposal

Damaged, Rusted, Old, Expired LPG Cylinders are not permitted to be disposed in the general trash. Never place any Gas Cylinder of any size with your recycling. The compressed gas makes them hazardous. Empty LPG Cylinders still contain enough flammable gas to cause an explosion, so you must be very careful with them.
It is essential to properly dispose of old gas cylinders, so they do not injure you or sanitation workers. Never attempt to puncture or open the valve, of an LPG Cylinder. Good examples are you Gas BBQ Cylinders. These come in various sizes.

Dispose them off for Free at any one of our branches

Cylinder Disposal Service

Matagas offers a disposalservice for non-compliant cylinders. Our service adheres strictly to the regulations, guidelines and approved codes of practice for cylinder disposal to ensure it is safe, legal and environmentally responsible. We are able to collect cylinders requiring disposal from all around New Zealand.

Recycling and Disposal

Cylinder Disposal

  • Use up all gas before disposing of your tank to reduce chances of an explosion
  • When further use isn't possible, there are safe means to dispose of empty Gas Cylinder
Disposal Options

Disposal Options -
Auckland & Christchurch

  • Drop them off at any of our three convenient Branches
  • Request a Collect in Auckland or Christchurch for just $30

Nationwide Cylinder Disposal Service - Out of Auckland or Chrischurch

  • We can arrange collection if you have a reasonable amount of cylinders for Disposal.
  • We can provide Cylinder Disposal Locations. Please contact us
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Land-fill or Refuse Transfer Station Collection

  • We can collect Gas Cylinders disposed off at Landfill or Waste management Sites.
  • We will collect Gas Cylinders in any condition
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City Councils

  • We can help residents and business, dispose LPG Gas Cylinders properly.
  • All cylinders collected are either recycled or stabilized for proper disposal to achieve zero waste being land-filled
  • We arrange collection of Disposed off Cylinders.
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LPG Cylinders are Hazardous to you, hazardous to your family and hazardous to our environment, if not used up or disposed of properly.


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